Who am I?

An SEO consultant, travel writer, and international speaker with more than 15 years of experience.

I hit the road in 2008 to travel and work remotely—an OG digital nomad. Somewhere between that first bon voyage and today, I found my passion in working as a speaker and writer, while still working online as a SEO consultant. I’ve spoken around the world about global citizenship and the importance of traveling young. The only thing possibly cooler: The folks at National Geographic honored me as a Traveler of the Year in 2013 for my work connecting travelers with social enterprises and grassroots initiatives all over the world.

As an SEO consultant, I’ve worked with FinTech startups and household brands, Real Estate VCs and multinational e-commerce sites, women’s lifestyle websites, and many more.

Companies i’ve written or interviewed for

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I’m currently available for freelance writing and speaking, as well as SEO consulting work.

Interested in the perspective of a world traveler with a focus on long-term responsible travel and tourism? I’m available as a speaker and travel writer. Here’s what I offer.

Need an SEO strategy for your company or long-term, ongoing SEO consulting? Let’s work together to increase your brand’s visibility in Google. Here’s what I offer.